Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do something really cool in only two minutes

This e-mail is from a good friend of mine from home. See below:

Hi guys,

I'm not sure how many of you have ever met my Aunt Lana, but her youngest daughter and my cousin Colleen is severely autistic and suffers from a number of other health complications. My Uncle works several jobs in order to take care of his family, while my aunt devotes her entire life to the care of my handicapped cousin.

I'm getting in touch to ask if perhaps you wouldn't mind taking just 30 seconds then to vote for my aunt in a radio contest on WXCY 103.7 FM's website. The address is Scroll down the ten finalists until you find Lana Rivers and then check the box next to her name and then submit. If my aunt wins, she'll receive a pass to a spa for a well-deserved day of rest for herself. You are allowed one vote per day from now until Monday.

I really appreciate this guys. My cousin called me up and asked if I couldn't try
to swing the election in favor of her mom, so I'm turning to you guys (as always).

Thanks so much and I'm sure I'll see you all soon!

All my best,

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