Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to Work

This past Thursday, editors from the Irish Rover met to discuss the work to be accomplished in the coming year.

Topics for the meeting included editorial writing, and the outlining of expectations for the paper.

All editors are gearing up for Activities Night next week, and the subsequent Introductory meeting for all new Rovers in O'Shaugnessy Hall.

With two issues under their belts, The Rover staff is pleased with its current successes and looks forward to a great year ahead.

A picture from the meeting:

From Left to Right: Tom, Religion and Ethics Editor; Dan, Production Chief; Rachel, Editor-in-Chief; Kathleen, Managing Co-Editor; Kevin, Publisher; Mike, Sports Editor; Simon, Religion and Ethics Editor; Mary Kate, Campus Editor; Kelly, Politics Editor; Octavia, Culture & Thought Editor; Greer, Executive Editor; Andrew, Managing Co-Editor. Not pictured: Brandon, Webmester (currently working in DC)

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Darragh said...

Good luck this year!