Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Last night I had the strangest dream ..."

It wasn't Donnie-Darko strange, but it was pretty amusing and I thought I'd share with all you faithful Rover readers.

In my dream, I read an article on, about the existence of a Catholic League of schools. Like the PAC-10 and Big East for Catholic Schools. If a school belonging to this league did something the Church didn't like, the school had the ability to petition the League to leave it. The school that brought this about was Penn State or Princeton or Duke, and they wanted out of the club because having a religious affiliation like the League was a little old-fashioned.

Fast forward a little bit - I'm watching a video online about a friend and other people were working in the same room. Suddenly an old man, looking a lot like Bela Karolyi (Olympics women's gymnastics commentator) rushed in and told us all to stop what we were doing. He had a newspaper in his hand and read the story out loud. According to that story, Jenkins had petitioned to get Notre Dame out of the Catholic League, citing the Monologues as his big anti-church error. Once we were out of the League, I think he planned to hold them on campus again. Everyone in the room had the same reaction. "Does this surprise us?" "I saw that one coming." "He would do something like that." And then we went back to our previous activities. The first thing that went through my dream-mind was that the Rover should do an expose on the story and the blog would get a lot of hits.

When I woke up, I was really glad I remembered it. Naturally, the first thing I did was come blog about it, since technically, it was a story about Notre Dame, Jenkins, and the fate of Catholicism ...

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Rachel said...

I opened this post expecting to read the rest of the lyrics to a Postal Service song...but I guess that's just me.

FYI, Darragh, after graduation the dreaded Monologues and all that comes with them are no longer allowed to haunt your dreams. Besides, it's the wrong should be like me: Barry Obama has been haunting my dreams. Ugh. In one instance I even asked how Berlin went...

We Rover folks are strange indeed.