Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Most Liberal Senator Vows to Cut Spending

I read the following in an article at http://apnews.myway.com/article/20080922/D93BUL0O0.html.

"Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama moved to claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility in a roiling economy, vowing on Monday to slash federal spending on contractors by 10 percent and saving $40 billion.... As president, Obama said he would create a White House team headed by a chief performance officer to monitor the efficiency of government spending."

Three things: 
1.) If Obama is worried about government spending, how in the world does Obama plan to have a net spending cut to the United States?  Spending will, undoubtedly, go up during an Obama presidency.
2.) Obama took this right out of McCain's mouth. That way, everyone believes him over the one who actually said them in the first place, over the one who actually means them.  
3.) I'm pretty sure the best way to cut government spending is not to create another government department.  What happened to going through the budget line by line, Obama?  Did someone tell you that was a stupid idea?  

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