Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So everyone knows that Obama's latest comment, though off the cuff, was really a lighthearted jab at McCain using a phrase that, apparently, is quite common in Washington circles--"lipstick on a pig." McCain himself used the quote of a Clinton policy a couple years ago.

Many might accuse the McCain camp of going off on nothing and making a mountain out of a molehill. But, either Obama knew what he was doing, and directly offended Palin with full intent. Or, he mistakenly made a comment that was eeriely similar to a comment Palin made of herself, without any intent whatsoever.

On the one hand, obviously, the first does not make Obama look good, and, of course, he's not going to admit that he consciously made a comment he knew would offend Palin. On the other hand, making the comment, so shortly after Palin's speech, and in the direct context of an atack on McCain (and by extension Palin), he simply committed a mistake. He messed up. He said something without really thinking out the implications.

It is this kind of president that I certainly don't want to be around the table with world leaders. (And knowing Obama, that's the ONLY way that we'll ever deal with world leaders.) But I don't want him sitting there with the leaders of Russia, China, or whoever, "making honest mistakes" and offending powerful men. His lack of experience shows.

Finally, it is quite possible that Obama made the comment, banking on the McCain camp to respond as they have done. Obama could then attack the McCain camp for being immature and practicing "politics as usual." Yet, it seems to me that it is Obama who is either severely inexperienced in the matters of dialogue and politics or even more entrenched in "politics as usual." Your call.

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Abercrombie said...

Get a little experience in the real world, Rookie, and when you finally understand that sitting down with your enemies might be the way to go, you'll get it. Obama is the best answer to the
mess made by Cheney & Rove, oh yeah, and Bush. He probably isn't perfect but he's at least not business as usual, at least as you know it in your amateur lifetime.