Monday, September 8, 2008

Rover Executive Editor in the News

In case you missed it on the homepage, Rover Executive Editor Greer Hannan spent her summer in Ukraine, teaching English at a Catholic university there. Go read the whole article here.

Many of the volunteer college students, including two who had just finished their first year at Notre Dame, signed up for the experience to augment their studies in Russian. Faith and an interest in Catholic education drew Hannan, a theology and philosophy major.

UCU has reconstituted its Catholic mission since 1994, when the Soviet regime pulled out. But Catholic university students face a social stigma.

“They constantly have to defend their choice,” she says.

The students’ faith was genuine, as was their interest in speaking—albeit in rudimentary English—about their beliefs, Hannan says. Five hours of daily classroom work balanced three hours of liturgical services—all of them sung. Nightly, Hannan and another volunteer led students in the Rosary.

Hannan will use some of her senior year to prepare her honors thesis on the philosophy of Catholic education. Her time in Ukraine will help frame her thoughts, not just on how these institutions are structured, but on the dedication and commitment they elicit.

The newness of the University, the passionate thoughtfulness of its chief administrator and the enthusiasm of the students, have given her a new view of Notre Dame, as well.

“It almost made me think what it was like to be at Notre Dame in its beginning,” she said.

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Dan Amiri said...

And Greer has never been the same! It sounds awesome, Greer; it's pretty cool that you went and did that.