Thursday, October 2, 2008

America! Hell Yeah! Vatican! Hell Yeah!

Raymond Burke

So I was surfing the internet news-o-sphere and apparently Raymond Burke is up to his old tricks. He's no longer the archbishop of St. Louis, he was promoted to the Vatican Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature, where he serves as prefect. Now I really don't want get into any discussion about Burke. I think we all know that the guy tows the line and he, unlike some bishops, takes his job seriously and is outspoken. All of that is fine. Bishops should show some diplomacy in their personal attacks against politicians and basketball coaches, but at least Burke does, or rather did his job in St. Louis.

What I am more interested in is the fact that Americans are slowly working their way up the chains of command in Rome. William Cardinal Levada (California boy) has the Pope's old job as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. And Burke has a fancy sounding job as well. I went on the Vatican website to try to find out if there are any more Americans with top jobs but there is simply too much stuff to go through. But this apparent rise in the last few years of some Americans makes me wonder if we will ever see an American chosen as pope. I know that when I was a kid we were told that it would never happen because America was too powerful a country. I don't know if that in itself is true, but regardless, with America's declining international stature, perhaps one day a strong leader of American origin will lead the global church.

William Cardinal Levada


Tom B. said...

Funny story: I met then-Archbishop Burke when I was making final college visits in April of my Senior year.

My Dad and I went to a JPII memorial Mass at the cathedral in St. Louie, at which he presided.

After Mass, I kissed his ring and introduced myself.

"Hello, my son."

"Hi Archbishop. My name is Tom. I'm making a college visit in St. Louis!"

"O...wonderful! Are you visiting St. Louis University?"

"No, archbishop, I'm actually visiting Washington University in St. Louis."

"O......well, my son.....I'll be praying for you."

I like to think his prayers were answered.

Brandon said...

That is a great story man. He sticks to his guns. You made the right choice.