Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Spices It Up

McCain has been down in the polls significantly, but the economy is improving and McCain is unleashing a whole new wave of campaigning for himself and against his opponent.

Obama has accused McCain over and over of being the same ol' Bush (no doubt, the words "maverick" and "the last eight years" occur in direct proportion to each other) and a status quo kind of guy. It is an accusation that is supported by earlier attacks against McCain's age; the adage, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," I'm sure is never very far from the minds of voters, and this is just the way Obama wants it.

Yet, considering recent speeches (check out and a boast by McCain that he will "whip Obama's 'you-know-what,'" I will place all my credibility as a political pundit--which at this point looks something like doubling down with a nickel on the table--in a solid John McCain victory on Election Day. Let me tell you why.

First of all, like I said, it looks like the economy is going to come around. It went up nearly 600 points today, and it might drop another 600 tomorrow, but we've already broken all the records we're going to see broken. Nothing barring the most ridiculous financial surprise will make Americans more worried about the economy than they were before. This plays into McCain's favor, not because he doesn't have just as well articulated position on the issue, but because Democrats, by the very nature of their policies, will fare better when people fear they are losing control of their assets. This will give McCain the opportunity to present his policies while being more believable, though he does have to seem more knowledgeable about his own position than he has been. Nevertheless, McCain will improve among voters whose number one issue is the economy.

Secondly, McCain is able to play the maverick card, whereas Obama is not. In this troubling time, voters are drawn to Obama because he offers a sense of security and peace, of confidence in the Oval Office and the ability to work consistently on improving the common welfare. Therefore, Obama CANNOT change his message, and especially not so soon to election day. Up until Nov. 4, you will be hearing the same thing over and over; Obama cannot change. McCain, however, can. By changing the race up in such a "maverick" but "presidential" way, demonstrating that his unpredictable character truly is predictably for the common welfare, McCain can easily overcome Obama. The question merely is what stunt to pull. He tried to do it when it came time for the economy, but reading point #1 above, this did not work nearly as effectively as another stunt might in the future.

That brings me to my third and final point: the debate. McCain will not let this third debate be the second most boring debate in history. Considering the above two points, expect McCain to nail Obama on foreign policy, perhaps specifically his anti-free trade policies. He would do well to tie his own foreign policy experience, which is undeniable, to his policies regarding the economy. He will make arguments for nuclear power, for free-trade, etc. in the light of his foreign policy and he will do it passionately. Obama wants to paint McCain as erratic; but I think McCain will come out passionate, but controlled. Just like his acceptance speech at the RNC, as well as his most recent speech in Virginia, McCain can pull "controlled passion" extremely well.

Now that my one and only dime is on the table, let's hope I get dealt that Ace I'm looking for.

p.s. There are certain people who would prefer I not post about politics, but the Rover is a Catholic AND conservative paper.

p.p.s. My opinions are my opinions only and not necessarily the opinion of the Rover at large.

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Ha. The economy wasn't going go get worse, huh?