Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vatican Simplifies Voting Guidelines for Catholics

For all you conflicted Catholics out there in this election, I've found help for you. The Vatican has published a guide for people who have a hard time choosing between abortion, economics, environmental issues, poverty, stem cell research, etc. In the Church's eyes, however, the most important thing is to preserve the sanctity of life.

Here's a link to the article.

Archbishop Ronald Talinger, Chairman of Catholics for Ethics and Family, has created a guide that is aimed at reaching all Catholics, even those that are not necessarily devout. "The Church does a great job of solidly stating their position," explained Archbishop Talinger, "but it does so in a way that not everyone can easily understand. That's why the common Catholic needs something that speaks to them about how they are required, as Catholics, to vote this year."

I found this article through the Catholic/conservative blog Southern Appeal, which I casually follow. I highly recommend the site. (Also, it has a cool picture of a bayonet.) One of its regular contributors, Francis Beckwith, is currently a Fellow at the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture.


Anonymous said...

don't think and believe everything your Big Government in Rome tells you.
i see...

Brandon said...

Yeah... anything that makes voting simple for us Americans. John Stossel interviewed a bunch of 20-somethings at a rock concert and a bunch of them didn't know how many states there are. But then again neither does Barack Obama so I guess that's not too bad.

Yay America.