Friday, February 20, 2009

Chicago Tea Party

I'm sure you've all seen it by now. It is Rick Santelli's shining moment and the beginning of a conservative revolution.

There have been some questions about the exact nature of this Chicago Tea Party though the best idea to me sounds like an awesome event around or during the Fourth of July. Some have considered convening together like a bunch of pack animals to listen to speakers. To me, that sounds like a horrible idea.

What we need to do, all of us, is each buy one huge firecracker. Hundreds of thousands of people should each buy one ginormous firecracker which wouldn't be that expensive. At a given time, having spread ourselves throughout the city and throughout the suburbs, we should light them off. All across the city of Chicago, everyone will see just how many are frustrated with the current situation.

It's a symbolic event, but it is an event that can involve everyone all across the country. It's legal. And heck, we're even supporting small businesses doing it!

If you're curious about the Chicago Tea Party, just google it. A lot of people are already talking about it.

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