Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Clarification

In my last post I implied that President Obama's speech at ND was disingenuous. What I meant was the disparity between his well-measured, impressive words, and his actions. Particularly the nominations of Sibelius and Dawn Johnsen trouble me: Obama calls for reasoned debate on abortion, but his choices confirm the view of those who consider abortion to be an inalienable right.

That said, if Obama follows through on his policy-reversal of *installing* a conscience-clause (instead of revoking the one in HHS, as had been in the works), and continues to keep FOCA off the agenda (when he had promised to pass it during the campaign), then I believe we ought to take his statements of good will in good faith. And even if not: Violence is neither good nor effective; so, too, with vitriol. Only by responding to Obama's calm, comprehensive arguments with better-reasoned and more-accessible points and policymakers of our own - such as the 'Life: Imagine the Potential' ads - will we be able to succeed.

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Tom B. said...

Well said. Thank you for this.