Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cancerous Beauty

What do tanning beds, mustard gas, and arsenic have in common? According to recent reports, all three rank similarly in terms of their lethal effects on humans.

After completing a meta-analysis study looking at the carcinogenic effects of exposure to ultraviolet radiation (namely through tanning beds and other such sources), international cancer experts have determined that all types of ultraviolet radiation are carcinogenics. This finding places UV radiation in the same cancer-causing-category as tobacco and the Hepatitis B virus. Such a factoid probably is not too comforting to frequenters of tanning salons, especially considering that the risk for skin cancer "jumps by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30."

In a country (and world) that is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and more concerned about the cost of health care (not to mention we are in the midst of an economic recession), one might think that lines at the tanning industry would take a hit following announcements such as these. But, the faker-bakers are not yet convinced seeing that the number of under-30 patrons have increased in recent years, thus making the axiom, "Beauty hurts," ring true.

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Kevin Donohue said...

You're just jealous that when I die, I'm going to look good in the coffin.