Monday, July 13, 2009


This past weekend President Obama met with Pope Benedict XVI following the G8 conference, I'm sure they had a nice little chat. Of course the American Media saw fit to cover this occasion, as they should, and this nice little editorial made an appearance in Newsweek.

In which, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the daughter of Robert Kennedy, former supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2008, and I'm sure a grand representative of Catholicism herself, promoted "Obama's agenda is closer to their [American catholics] views than even the pope's."

Its good to see the media rallying behind a man so holy, so chosen, and so hopeful - someone who has cried out the truth all while creating or saving 3 million jobs. Yes, many of Obama's policies agree with Catholic teaching - just as did many of Bush's - but to have the gall to say that it concurs more than the Pope's and then assert that through the Pope's recent encyclical, is jarring even for the travesty that has become American journalism. As Matthew Balan, a consevative blogger, points out, its especially presumptous to ignore the pro-life elements of Charity in Truth - those put at the front of the encyclical.

I can just see the headlines come Christmas: "Obama more representative of Christians than Jesus."

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