Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your Second Homework Assignment...

Following the bloated House bill, we now have an even larger Senate Health Care Bill. However, unlike the House bill which included the Stupak amendment barring the funding of abortions - the Senate version has no such provision.

The 2,074 page document would essentially leave the decision up to the Health and Human Service Secretary's discretion as to when abortion would qualify as part of the Federal Public Option.

The bill also states that one insurance plan must have abortion coverage and mandates taxpayers' funds be allocated for the procedure which ends the life of a child.

The bill also provides Louisiana with a two page definition validating an additional 100,000,000 dollars. In other words, Senate Leader Harry Reid is buying the vote and support of Senator Mary Landrieu.

Republican democracy is awesome! Especially when Senator's votes go for 100 million dollars and the people and House's will is ignored.

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