Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Did Fr. Ted get Healthcare Passed?

This rumor is slowly popping up around the internet.

According to a March 22 AP article on the passage of Obamacare:

"A knowledgeable Democratic official said that Pelosi, a Roman Catholic, asked the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, president emeritus of Notre Dame and frequent appointee to presidential commissions, to call Rep. Joe Donnelly of Indiana on behalf of the legislation. In the end, Donnelly voted yes."

The LA Times followed the next day by beginning its story over healthcare's passage with the same antidote:

"In the tense hours Sunday leading up to the House vote on a historic healthcare bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took time to call the former president of Notre Dame, Father Theodore Hesburgh.

The House Democrats' leader was not seeking spiritual guidance. What she wanted was Hesburgh to help lock up the vote of Rep. Joe Donnelly, a Democrat from South Bend, Ind., who was wavering over the abortion issue.

Donnelly ultimately pressed the "yes" button late Sunday night."

Finally, on March 26, the South Bend Tribune reported the same story with additional reporting from Donnelly's press secretary.

I'm sure we can all appreciate what Fr. Ted has done for this country between setting Catholic Universities apart from what makes Catholicism so special in 1967 and now socializing 1/6 of our economy and securing a meaningless executive order protecting the life of the unborn.

Looks like Fr. Jenkins will have to go on the March for Life again just to make up for this one.

h/t: LifeSiteNews.com


Shandon Belle said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a blog devoted to Catholic news has so completely avoided any mention of the abuse scandal touching the pope himself.

I think you've already done a great job expressing your opinion about the health care bill... move on.

Kevin Donohue said...

First, I would say that our content is chosen by the writer, rather than assigned. So anyone can write about whatever they please. Personally, I don't know that much about it, have read only one or two articles on it, and, frankly, remain relatively unaffected - my faith is not weakened in any way.

Second, the abuse scandal is heavily covered by the main stream media, whereas the relationship between Joe Donnelly, Fr. Hesburgh, and Nancy Pelosi has received, as far as I know, zero headlines in any major media outlet.

Third, I would argue that a restructuring of 1/6 of our economy and a shift in where the ban on federal funding of abortions originates from is slightly more topical than thirty year old allegations of abuse even if they are just now breaking.

And frankly, you've inspired me, I might just write on it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Go Kevin!

Anonymous said...

We're socializing 1/6 of our economy? Are you talking about health insurance? When did that happen? I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Is the government going to take that company over?