Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Observer Messes Up Again

The Notre Dame community is on Spring Break this week and for the most part, that means we here at the Rover are too. However, with the Observer folksies messing up and yet more media attention being bestowed on that venerable publication, its hard not to put something out there.

Quick summary. Professor Charles Rice has published a biweekly column in the Observer for over fifteen years. He chooses his own topics, submits them, and they are edited by the Observer (usually for length). Professor Rice's latest column (which I have not yet read) apparently dealt with the Church's position on homosexuality. However this didn't match with the Observer's interpretation of that stance, oh and it ran shorter than his earlier columns but was still too long. So they said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Thus we see here several things:
1. The new staff apparently wanted to emulate the last board in creating controversy as soon as possible.
2. The new staff doesn't want to seem to mean to homosexuals (especially after supporting in an editorial the addition of this group to the discrimination clause at Notre Dame).
3. The new staff would rather seem mean to conservative, Catholic professors who are known throughout the US than offend homosexuals by publishing his mean words.

At-a-boys all around. Please use my $20 yearly subscription, as included in my tuition, to have a great Observer party once we all come back from break. Remember, the only good bias is your own. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Well, I did read the article and I don't believe CST says "homosexuality is doubly wrong." This is such a sensitive issue that it should be done respectfully. I knew a boy in high school who came out to his parents, and was kicked out of the house. Two weeks later, he took his own life. Words are powerful. Words build biases and hatred. A newspaper has an editorial staff to censure pieces that do not add to the conversation. The Church does hold certain positions, but if you read the Church's teachings, they are always respectful of others. His words were not. That's a big difference.