Saturday, April 3, 2010

Presidential Doublespeak: Easter and our Shared Sprit of Humanity

In his recent weekly address, President Obama took the opportunity to talk about health care reform and job creation. Perhaps minutes before he began his address, he realized it was the Easter weekend, and so he dropped in a few references. Let us hope these were last minute additions because if he thought out what he was saying, he sorely misunderstands Christianity.

He implored the nation to reflect on our "shared spirit of humanity" this Easter holiday. Now I am no theologian, but I am Christian enough to know that the entire Easter holiday is predicated on mankind's sins. The incarnation and the resurrection were to redeem man of his sins, not to celebrate his "spirit". I suspect that if Obama could 'reform' religion, he would do that too to suit his naive humanism.

Furthermore he hinted at a very troubling idea of what Americans seek:
"As Americans, and as human beings, we seek not only the security, but the sense of dignity, the sense of community, that work confers."
No mention of liberty, or even religious liberty. Sadly, this is all nothing new.

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security." - Ben Franklin


Anonymous said...

This is one of the worst arguments I have ever read. Usually, I expect the Rover to at least do a decent job picking an out-of-context quote and THEN to misrepresent it; but here, you picked some statements that don't even seem in themselves irresponsible/bad (just reread the words--would you attack them if they had been uttered by a conservative... or the Pope?), and then you posit that because Obama didn't mention freedom in a single sentence, he must therefore be against all basic First Amendment rights.

And even if Obama was actually a proponent of "naive" humanism (dontcha hate it when people care about others without reference to the divine???), wouldn't he be completely FREE to hold that belief? (That means religious liberty; good Rover)

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

Dear Anonymous,
I'm not sure I understand your first complaint? Would you prefer that I take Obama's quotations out of context? I simply found a statement which isn't irresponsible or bad (I'm glad we agree somewhere).

Obama is completely free to hold whatever beliefs he wants but such beliefs can get Christian theology completely wrong, as I think his reflections on Easter do.

My comments about liberty were unrelated to my main contention about his misinterpretation of Easter. I merely found it disappointing that he characterizes the American people as a people in pursuit of security, dignity, and community. While it may not be an aspiration shared by all, liberty is certainly something that a large number of Americans seek. It is disturbing that Obama doesn't recognize this.