Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Readin'

Anyone looking for some quick but edifying summer reading should check out Bonaventure’s The Journey of the Mind to God. In this work of medieval philosophy and mysticism, Bonaventure lays out six steps to contemplative unity with God. The Journey is a mere 40 pages, but it’s littered with spiritual gems straight from the heart of this devout Franciscan. Some excerpts:

According to Augustine and Bonaventure, the first thing we know is God, even though we are not aware of this at first. Just as we would not see the colors and shapes of a stained-glass window unless the invisible sun was illuminating them, so we would not see visible things if the invisible God was not illuminating them from within. (Introduction)

Since happiness is nothing else than the enjoyment of the Supreme Good, and the Supreme Good is above us, no one can enjoy happiness unless he rise above himself, not indeed, by a bodily ascent, but by an ascent of the heart. (5)

For we are so created that the material universe itself is a ladder by which we may ascend to God. (5)

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Claire Margaret said...

Thanks, Katie! These are great.