Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Watchdog's New Patron Saint

A friend (credit goes to Johnny Jbombz Gerardi) recently recommended a new patron saint for the Rover-- Manuel Lozano "Lolo" Garrido. Soon to be beatified, Garrido (1920-1971) wrote prolifically as a journalist for the Associated Press and other publications. He also authored nine books. Tragically, at 22, he contracted spondylitis, an inflammation of the spinal joints that progressively worsens over the course of one's life. Nevertheless, he organized what became known as "Sinai" groups, gatherings of twelve people suffering from illness who prayed for a particular area of mass media. Though Garrido was blind for the final nine years of his life, at one point he was given a typewriter to use while he still possessed some strength in his fingers. Upon receiving it, in words that might speak to many journalists, he prayed,

"My Lord, thank You. The first word, Your Name, may it be the strength and soul of this machine...May Your light and clearness be the mind and heart of all that type on it, so that everything written on it may be noble, fair and promising."

Blessed Lolo Garrido, pray for us. (Source of information is the link cited above.)

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