Thursday, July 8, 2010

From the Fox News Intern Desk...

A darkly-clouded New York City looked like Gotham City earlier this morning. Sadly, I didn't see Batman swooping down to shake-up the the blank faces of hardened city-slickers sliding through a hazy bog of paper wrappers, horn-happy drivers, and coffee cups, half-empty (Kevin where were you?!).

But apparently no one would think of criticizing Batman today- "Who would go out in this steamy weather by choice?", they ask. Between you and me, I think he stayed in to avoid hearing every conversation begin with, "Ohhh it's so hot and disgusting outside," as if it were happening for the first time.

Or maybe he's out trying to find the AWOL Afghans, or intercepting spy-exchanges in Vienna, or avoiding all that conflict as he admires ancient Egyptian tombs.

I'd go with the last considering that solutions to the other problems are moving along molasses-style.

Note: It's no coincidence that all those links take you to the Fox News website. As my title implies, I'm happily working as an intern at Fox this summer, an opportunity that has enabled me to make all these insider observations about NYC, and to spend some time pondering concrete sidewalks and superfluities.


Jonathan Liedl said...

I imagine the weather is a little toastier in Upper Egypt than it is in Upper Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Isn't lying considered a sin by catholics? So why are you working at Fox News then?

Laura said...

To anonymous:

Short answer to your first question, rhetorical or not, yes it is!
To your second question, would you ever be interested in having a discussion about Fox? I'd like to hear your opinion and would provide my email address to do so.