Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama Gets Racy


-"[D]ealerships were retained because they were ... minority- or woman-owned dealerships";

-Thousands of jobs were lost, unnecessarily, due specifically to Obama's "mandate for shared sacrifice";

-A disproportionate number of Obama-forced closings were of rural dealerships, in areas unfriendly to Obama, even though such closures could "jeopardize the return to profitability" for GM and Chrysler.

The media, of course, remain mute about these serious allegations in the Barofsky report. They have limited their coverage to the job loss numbers and tried to place the blame on Treasury Secretary Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner.


Anonymous said...

Some friend of small business this administration has become. May our sights be set on November as we re-chart our course toward liberty, capitalism, and smaller government. Godspeed United States of America!

Jonathan Liedl said...

Katie, I personally prefer treating "the media" as a singular entity. I'm not sure how grammarians feel about that, but them's my thoughts.