Monday, February 15, 2010

A Different Approach to Gay Marriage

So many of my friends recently joined facebook groups advocating that same sex marriage become legal in the US. This really makes me wonder. Why are progressives so eager to allow homosexuals to share in a conservative, religious tradition? We all know the story - marriage is about a man and women becoming one flesh, it is about a couple being open to the gift of life, etc..

I think the answer is just an unfortunate overuse of the term marriage. The fact that you can get wasted run off with a prostitute to a chapel and get 'married' in Vegas is a testament to this blatant overuse of the word.

What frustrates me about conservatives is the lack of outrage over such sham heterosexual marriages. Proposition 8 in California should have addressed all marriages outside of a Church. Instead it was provincial (only concerned with homosexuals) and hypocritical (promising to defend the 'sanctity of marriage' while not addressing the far greater number of sham heterosexual marriages).

The approach that I really hope progressives will take is to abandon the use of the word marriage. With such great outrage across the country, I am amazed they have not yet began using a different word.

The US Government should get out of the marriage business entirely. If someone wants the religious connotation and traditional expectations of a married relationship they can be married in a Church. Every other couple, homosexual or heterosexual, married or unmarried can notify the government of their intent to form a civil-union. All legal matters can depend on the status of a civil union (e.g. healthcare benefits for spouses) to prevent discrimination.

I predict that conservatives would not only tolerate this recognition of civil unions but they would embrace it as it would be a step towards restoring the sanctity of marriage.