Thursday, March 25, 2010

Executive Order Ceremony

President Obama hosted a small ceremony to celebrate the buying of pro-life signing of the Executive Order "enshrining" the Hyde Amendment. Of course, by enshrining, it is merely meant leaving the door open to any President or Judge to change it. Oh well.

Here's a list of those bought

Senator Bob Casey
Representative Bart Stupak
Representative Kathy Dahlkemper
Representative Marcy Kaptur
Representative Nick Rahall
Representative Jerry Costello
Representative Chris Carney
Representative Steve Driehaus
Representative Charlie Wilson
Representative Jim Oberstar
Representative Alan Mollohan
Representative Brad Ellsworth
Representative Henry Cuellar
Representative Mike Doyle

Most interestingly, in my opinion, is Notre Dame's own, and South Bend's representative, Joe Donnelly. Donnelly was a core member of Stupak's "pro-life Democrats" who swung his vote following Obama's promise to sign the Executive Order. Me thinks Joe fears for his ass on this one.

Source: Time and liberal blog firedoglake.

Monday, March 22, 2010

How A Bill Gets Made into Law

Except instead of some folks back home calling their congressmen, it was a select minority promoting a liberal agenda as opposed to the majority of this country.

And except instead of this bill dieing in committee, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ensured that allotments and arm-wrestling were used to ensure that the bare minimums were passed in both the House and Senate.

More coverage of the way this bill became law.