Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"A dark and delightful sunday afternoon read"

Hot off the press, medical thriller The Ensouling is poised to move hearts. One customer reviewed:

"In this action-packed medical thriller, Petrik delivers a dark and delightful Sunday afternoon read.

Petrik's protagonist, the eminent neurosurgeon Dr. Killeen, is a man without a conscience whose egomaniacal wickedness is as perversely fun to watch as Dorian Gray's. Helped by his substantial medical and scientific talents, he lies, manipulates, and murders his way into a prominent position on the faculty of a fictional Louisville University, a financially favorable marriage, and the skirts of innumerable subordinates. His research lab--whose denizens' personal lives make for some of the book's most humorous and tenderest moments--is on the brink of a monumental discovery when a tragic accident threatens Killeen's future and his life. True to form, Killeen risks everything on a final series of daring and horrific crimes that will leave him forever scarred and leave us realizing, like Dorian, that we are witnessing a portrait of our own corruption.

As well as a knack for the swift pace and spare, descriptive language of a good thriller, Petrik posesses a facility with medical and metaphysical arcana to delight the heart of a nerd. The plausible scientific detail brings home the chilling fact that this book is set in the present, and the questions it raises are ones that doctors are grappling with even now, in this time of high hopes for clinical trials of fetal stem cell transplants: [...]. In the tradition of fathers of science fiction like H. G. Wells and Arthur C. Clarke, Petrik delivers his moral bluntly, and readers put down The Ensouling both satisfied and perturbed."

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